Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock is an old-school role-playing game created by Finnish developers Almost Human. Players will explore dungeons filled with evil monsters and many traps.

Legend of Grimrock was a continuation of the glorious traditions of the genre of role-playing games, when in the process involved a group of characters, the space is divided into cells, and is transferred from the first person. The creators could very realistically convey the atmosphere of the dungeon, using the dusty walls, the torches and the hordes of evil creatures. The game world is three-dimensional, however, without maps get lost in it easy.

In the story a group of prisoners on death row, sent to the dark prison-the rock of Grimrock. In the rock a long time ago, the ancient vanished civilization built a large number of tunnels, dungeons and tombs. For survival, the prisoners must come together. Therefore, in the beginning of the game there is a formation detachment. There are four races and three classes. Each race has its own special profession. Minotaurs skilled warriors, humanoid insects skilled wizards, lizard men dexterous thieves, and people can learn a little bit about everything.

The developers have made more emphasis on solving puzzles and the right moves, than on the battles with monsters. Grimrock is full of interesting quests in which you need to use pressure plates, levers, concealed buttons from hidden doors. The games combat takes place in real time, but the characters attack in turn, and after the impact follows the break. In the game you can brew potions and use special runes to enhance my spells and characteristics.

Installing Legend of Grimrock in Ubuntu

The game is already adapted to Ubuntu and comes in the form of a file with the extension .sh to be run in the terminal system. Distribution it is better to copy in the separate folder. To run setup please make the setup file executable (to read about the performance rights). To do this, click on the file LegendOfGrimrock.sh right-click and then “properties” – “right” – “allow execution of file as program”, or run in a terminal window the command:

sudo chmod +x LegendOfGrimrock.sh

You can then run the game by double-clicking or violnet in the terminal window:

sudo sh ./LegendOfGrimrock.sh

Will test container and rasagiline game files. Nixstaller window appears where you can select the location for installation.

However, in recent versions of Ubuntu you can purchase and install the game directly from app Center. Enter in a line of search Legends of grimrock and follow the instructions of Ubuntu software Center.

An easier way to purchase and install Legends of grimrock is to use Steam.


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