LaTeXDraw is an easy and convenient Scala / Java (Java Swing) vector graphics editor for LaTeX.

LaTeX is a popular set of macrodactylini (the macro package) of the computer typesetting system TeX, which makes it easier to set complex documents. The package allows you to automate many of the tasks of typing and preparation of articles, besides the basic set, there are many expansion packs (thanks to the system’s capabilities is virtually unlimited).

LaTeXDraw can be used to generate code PSTricks (set of macros) and directly create PDF (Portable Document Format) or PS (PostScript) images. The editor is easy to use and saves time when working with graphics in LaTeX-documents.

LaTeXDraw allows you to draw various graphical objects instantly displaying the corresponding LaTeX commands (in the macro PSTricks), copy them to the clipboard or transfer it to an external LaTeX editor (e.g. Texmaker, Kile , etc.).

Built in LaTeXDraw vector image can be saved in bitmap format and in the format EPS / Encapsulated PostScript (subset of the language PostScriptis a format for exchanging graphical data between different applications), the editor fully supports the Unicode (Unicode) that allows you to build charts and tables, in Russian language.

LaTeXDraw can be used to convert images to raster formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, PPM and GIF) in EPS-format (for pasting into a LaTeX-document), snooze function/reset changes (Undo/Redo) unlimited, management focused on the use of the mouse.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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