Konversation — IRC client (Internet Relay Chat), developed in the KDE project.


The program has all the necessary capabilities to communicate via IRC.

Some capabilities and features Konversation:

  • Support SSL.
  • Support for bookmarks.
  • Simple interface.
  • Support for multiple servers and channels in one window.
  • File transfer via Direct Client-to-Client (DDC).
  • Support pop-up notifications on your desktop.
  • Automatic detection of UTF-8.
  • Specify the charset encoding for each channel separately.
  • A large number of settings.
  • Support for themes.
  • Integration with KDE address book.
  • And others…

Konversation 1.7.5


Developed within the KDE project.

Programming language: C++

Libraries: Qt

License: GPLv2

release..1.7.311 Nov 20171.7.515 Nov 20171.7.527 June 2018
To install Konversation in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install konversationscreenshots of the program

  • Konversation 1.7.5 (version: 1.7.5)

  • Konversation 1.7.5: Settings (version: 1.7.5)

Source: pingvinus.ru

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