kmon (Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor)

kmon (Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor) — console Rust utility to monitor core Linux and control the loaded kernel modules.

Linux Kernel / Linux Kernel is a monolithic Unix-like kernel that complies with POSIX and forms the basis of operating systems GNU Linux, and various embedded systems. Conceived and created by the kernel by Linus Thorvilson (Linus Torvalds) in 1991 year and is still being developed by thousands of developers. The kernel is distributed as free software based on GNU General Public License, except for some proprietary elements (mostly drivers).

No matter what operating system based on Linux still carry some design flaws, for example the kernel has large size and complexity (in comparison with other types of kernels). But this is a feature inherent to all monolithic kernels, such design problems led to the fact that the developers added to the core Linux new features and mechanisms not found in other cores.

Unlike standard monolithic kernels, the kernel Linux is also modular, taking loadable kernel modules (LKM), which are typically used to add support for new hardware, file systems and/or system calls. Since kernel modules can be loaded and unloaded into the system at run time, their advantage lies in the fact that the kernel extension can be done without rebooting and recompiling. Thus the kernel functions provided by the modules will not be in memory without being used, and the module can be unloaded to free memory and other resources.

Loaded kernel modules (in /lib/modules) you can see the team:


To load or unload the kernel module, use the command:


kmon provides an interactive console interface for managing kernel modules, Linux and monitoring of the cores. Management is the ability to load and unload, adding in the “Black list” and displays the detailed information about the selected module.

Updates in kernel modules, logs, hardware and other kernel messages you can monitor by using the “activity Monitor” in real time. As for these tasks the core of Linux requires the use of various tools (such as dmesg and kmod), utility kmon collects them into a single interface while maintaining the functionality facilitates the use of them.

kmon with additional options allows you to specify the interval of user interface updates (in milliseconds)to sort modules by name and dimensions, and track the dependencies of the modules. The mechanism of the “blacklist” prevents the loading of kernel modules, removing the startup keys after confirmation.

kmon supports the most modern terminal emulators, it is possible to change used in the user interface colors such as: black, red, green, yellow, blue, Magenta, cyan, gray, dark gray, bright, light green, light yellow, light blue, light Magenta, light blue and white.

kmon to complete the work requires in system utilities dmesg and kmod (in most GNU Linux systems, they are by default), changes to the kernel requires the user to understand the implications of the changes, so using the utility not rekomenduetsya users with relevant qualifications.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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