KCollectd — simple and easy C++ / QT / KDE graphical interface (GUI) to view and analyze the collected collectd information.

collectd — lightweight and extensible daemon for periodic collection of system performance and individual applications. The demon only collects statistics and provides mechanisms to store the collected values in a variety of ways, such as creating graphs and storage graphs, you can use the format of RRD (*.rrd)using the tools RRDtool (high performance system for data collection and display).

Due to the variable frequency of updating statistics collectd will provide the required resolution enabling identification of even short-term and quickly disappearing anomaly supports monitoring of exceeded thresholds and send messages about them. Custom tools for viewing and analyzing the collected information the daemon is not available, the use of third-party web interfaces and/or applications, for example KCollectd.

KCollectd is intuitive and not overloaded with unnecessary controls of the user interface that allows you to conveniently browse conscious collectd files RRD (*.rrd). Supported the display of only one file, but allows you to scale it and rotate it around. There is also a mode of monitoring the state in which the data is automatically updated (every 10 seconds).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Author: posixru

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