JMathEdit is a small Java (Java Swing) graphical utility for creating and editing complex mathematical formulas.

JMathEdit editor with many features, allowing simple and easy interface to create and edit complex mathematical equations, chemical formulas, and other scientific and educational constructions of any complexity.

Toolbar JMathEdit provides many categories frequently used symbols (arrows, integrals, icons, etc), you can set the color, fonts, spacing, and layout, which is very convenient for creating elegant looking designs for paste into other applications, presentations, web pages, etc…

JMathEdit is a visual editor (WYSIWYG editor)created equations and formulas are automatically converted into code formats LaTeX, MathML, SVG and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) distributed by tabs. Created designs can be exported to formats XHTML, MathML, LaTeX, SVG, RTF, PNG, EMF and EPS, to control using mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts (configurable).

License: Commercial (Linux version is free)

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Author: posixru


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