jDiskMark — simple Java (Java Swing / JDBC) graphical utility to test the performance of I/O disk (Java Disk Benchmark Utility).

I/O scheduling — the common name of a method of queue management operations of the I / o to the hard drive and planning of these operations in operating systems. This method increases overall system performance, this method is also known as input / output, for the implementation of this method uses the schedulers input/output.

The number of operations of I / o performed by the storage system per second, is one of the most commonly used methods used to compare media such as hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SDD), network storage (SAN / NAS) and evaluation of their performance.

jDiskMark performance testing for the selected drive on the speed of read/write operations number of I/o for a specified period of time. Testing is done by creating and reading files in the generated directory specified in the settings medium (default ~/jDiskMarkData).

During testing jDiskMark creates one or more files, you can set the block size to select a sequential or random mode read/write. The results of the tests are shown in graphs, updated in “real time“, the details of the tests can be viewed in the log.

When you run multiple tests, results of tests previously done are stored (in one session)as a Supplement jDiskMark displays summary information about the media, if available (media size is always displayed).

jDiskMark when performing combined operations of read/write does not clear the disk cache automatically, so when you repeat the test you must restart the application to avoid cache effects on the performance of I / o when reading.

License: BSD License / Apache License V2.0

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