Iproute2 — a set C (si)and console utilities for network setup and traffic management.

Utilities Iproute2 developed in 2004 year, as a unified interface to the kernel Linux directly control the network traffic. The set of tools is marketed as the replacement of “obsolete” set of classic network tools net-tools (ifconfig, netstat, rarp, nameif, route , etc.)which work adequately, but sometimes the kernels version 2.2 and above they can behave quite unexpectedly.

The network subsystem in Linux kernels version 2.2 and above was significantly improved in it was added many new features, new network code has given increased throughput and higher performance. A new implementation of the networking subsystem of Linuxthat perform the classification, routing and filtering, was even more complete than specialized routers, firewalls and other devices of traffic control.

Re-written implementation of the network subsystem made it possible to achieve such characteristics, which were previously simply not available. Utilities package Iproute2 is designed for full control of all network components and settings. Utility set work at the kernel level of the operating system, the program code of the set of tools optimized to a greater extent than the code of other network utilities.

Means Iproute2 implemented control functions of network components and settings which were not available in the previously used set of utilities (net-tools). Utility set to offer a unified syntax to control the various aspects of network interfaces. This syntax is much simpler and more logical syntax than the classic Unix utilities.

Set Iproute2 includes three basic utilities:

the ip utility to view the settings and configuration of network interfaces, network address tables and routing tables, ARPtables, IP-tunnels, addresses, multicast distribution and routing multicast packets. Utility is a replacement for tools such as ifconfig, route and arp.

tc (traffic control) utility for viewing and configuring traffic management settings. Allows you to control the traffic classification, disciplines manage queues for various traffic classes for the network interface (root of discipline).

ss — a utility to view the current connections and open ports. Analogue of the classical utilities netstat (output the status of network connections, routing tables, network statistics, etc.).

Also in the package Iproute2 includes utilities and scripts: arpd, bridge, ctstat, devlink, genl, ifcfg, ifstat, lnstat, nstat, rdma, routef, routel, rtacct, rtmon, rtpr, rtstat and tipc (in some versions, the composition can be partially changed). Utility package comes immediately configured and do not require additional settings (the vast majority of cases).

Iproute2 in some distributions comes at the same time with the utilities package net-tools (packs are used together, without conflict). All utilities in the package are documented in detail, including in Russian (most of the documentation in man-pages-FR and manpages-FR-extra).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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A practical guide to the use of iproute2

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