iPerf3 — client-server C (si) / C++ (glibc / openssl) command-line utility for active throughput measurement IP networking protocols TCP, UDP and SCTP (with IPv4 and IPv6).

SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) — Protocol for data transmission in computer networks to a managed thread, the transport layer Protocol introduced in 2000 year. The Protocol works similarly to the protocols TCP or UDP, but has some innovations, such as multi-threading, protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, simultaneous connection between hosts on two or more independent physical channels (multi-homing).

For testing your local or WiFinetwork, you must run iPerf3 as a server on one device on the network (you can run in the background) and as a client on another device. The client device generates the traffic (supported multithreading), and the server accepts and processes. You can set various parameters associated with the network interface, synchronization, buffers and protocols. Utility allows the maximum load the channel between the client and the server that will show its maximum carrying capacity (at a specific time and for specific devices).

iPerf3 is a new implementation of a similar utility, iPerf and uses parts of its code, but does not have her backwards compatibility. For each test the utility displays information about bandwidth, loss and other related parameters. Test “by default” through the Protocol TCPif you want UDP / SCTP , then you must add the appropriate option. If you want to measure speed provider, you can use one of the public iperf3 server, in this case used only the client part utilities. The utility and possible testing options detailed in the documentation.

License: Proprietary (Three-clause BSD license)

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