Interesting Linux games on Kickstarter

The service Kickstarter and then pleases us with a simple, but no less interesting Linux games. Today we will talk about such masterpieces as Nephil”s Fall, Slain!, Entropy, Ghostbusters: the Board Game, and the Final Attack!

Nephil”s Fall – save the fairy world

The main character of this game is giant Neil designed to save the fairy world from destruction. However, dark forces are insidious: they attacked our defender, put him to sleep and also kidnapped the energy of the elements, which he owned. Waking up, Neil realized that his mission failed and went in search of the source of evil forces.

From other similar games Nephil”s Fall differs in some important details. On the screen the hero runs from left to right, and Vice versa – from right to left. Thus, the developers of the game wanted to show that the giant returns to the beginning of time. Giant by nature endowed with many talents, but he has to sacrifice them for the sake of the whole world. Thus, if in other similar games the main character is gradually gaining strength and energy, here he is, on the contrary, losing them. In addition, some locations are closed to get them, will have to abandon some part of magic armor. So the player has to decide for himself, what a talent to give, to pass the level.

Slain!: uncompromising struggle with evil

Game Slain! at its core is a “platform” of arcade, but it looks completely different thanks to the stylish animation and pixel art. The main character here is Butorin, the mighty warrior, whose task is to conquer 7 towers. In each tower sat the Lord of Evil. The player has a sword, spells and bombs.

Entropy: build your own world

The entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system consisting of N elements, in other words, chaos. Entropy – a quick and fairly simple game in the spirit of masterpieces such as Citadels, Strife and Love Lette. The plot of “Entropy” as follows: giant disaster stirred together several realities. In the game wins the one who the first will find everything part of my world.

Before the game, everyone gets 6 ability cards – 5 cards are identical, and only the last is unique. With the sixth card, you can perform certain manipulations with fragments of the world: to vary them or to drop, pick up from the deck, upside down (can be a picture, but you can face up). In this case, you must try to guess how it will play other players.

Ghostbusters: the Board Game

Ghostbusters: the Board Game is a cooperative tactical strategy game in which players will be able to be the “Ghostbusters”, just like in the movies. Even the bosses here are very recognizable – the Marshmallow Man and the lizard. Following the tactics of the game: move across the field in the form of cells, occasionally aiming at evil, immobilizes the rays, driving the enemy into a trap and sent to the other world, throw a dice. “Highlight” of the game lies in the fact that the conditions of gaining experience each game character is strictly individual. Thus, the play style is significantly different.

Final Attack!

Final Attack! is a relatively fun cooperative nastolka in the spirit of Space Alert. A feature of the gameplay is that it is not divided into separate courses: everything happens in real time. You just announce when it will attack the enemy and when you need to start to fend him off.

Fighting robots can transform into a single powerful mechanism and cause more significant damage. Players must work together to earn, save and spend valuable resources.

It’s funny that in a discussion of plans like interfering robots – they can silence, deny, ask, or Vice versa, try to force you to, you said some stupidity.


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