Installing Fedora Netinstall

Today we look at a Fedora installation with the online installer. It allows you to set any available edition of the distribution. As the installer I used the pre-release nightly build Fedora-Everything-netinst-x86_64-31-20191024.n.2.iso.

Download an installation image of Fedora and a program for writing to flash Media Fedora Writer on the official website of Fedora.

The captured image to a USB flash drive using Fedora Media Writer, or other well known program. Fedora as hybrid works on BIOS and UEFI systems. After recording on a USB flash drive and the BIOS settings, you are ready to install.

Installing Fedora Netinstall

Fedora installation that I will conduct in UEFI mode. Fedora supports UEFI Secure Boot, with the installation of optional you don’t have to disable it.

Run the installation, check the checksum.

Select the installation language

Go to menu installation Overview

Configure the keyboard layout. I have a habit to put the first American.

Will add support for the desired languages. In my case, Russian and English American.

Expose time zone. When dual booting with Windows Network time better off.

Set up the network and the name of the system. When installing to a wireless network, right in the center of the rectangle will be a window with a list of networks. Choose our, enter the password, connect.

Will set up a place for installation. Here I choose my way (manual partitioning).

By default, the installer offers LVM, but you can choose other schemes. I choose Standard partition with file system EXT4. Partitions you can create yourself. I prefer to create them automatically and then edit. It’s faster and easier. When dual booting, the installer will offer to use the disk partition /boot/efi (no need to choose). Formatted when dual booting it is not. Partition /boot standard, do not touch it. When you edit the size of root and /home units select and write in the language of the installation, in our case Russian.

Installation source select blijaishee the mirror. Updates – remove the check mark, if there is to install a fully updated system.

The choice of programs. Here to your taste. I chose this setup Deepin Desktop and its media packets.

Create a user and administrator, the default account is root locked.

The setup is now complete and you can start the installation. All menu items have a certificate, though it is in English, Russian here is not delivered:

After installation, reboot the system and rebuilding the BIOS.

The installation is Fedora netinstall is finished. Read more about installation can be found in the Fedora documentation.


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