Install the shell in Ubuntu 20.04

Communication in the Internet has become the norm for the modern man. In addition to chat in social networks and just calls users can also video call each other. Apart from a fairly well-known Skype by Microsoft, there are many programs with similar functionality. One of them is the shell.

Discord is free. The client is implemented for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Every month the shell is logged to 2 million new users.

  • Install the shell in Ubuntu
    • 1. The installer from the official site
    • 2. Package snap
  • How to remove the shell?
  • Insights

Install the shell in Ubuntu

Why is the app so popular? The program is aimed at gamers, so it has a lot of functions, useful for broadcasting video games. Implemented the overlay as well as compatibility with applications using DirectX and OpenGL. In the “streamer” is muted and notifications. Noise reduction significantly reduces interference during conversation.

The number of simultaneously participating in the conference — 50 people. In chat, you can share media, links, and emoticons, and format text. How to install shell in Ubuntu 20.04? This can be done in two ways:

  • download the package from official site and then installing;
  • installing using the snap package.

1. The installer from the official site

Installation in Ubuntu is practically no different from installing in Windows. First, navigate your browser to the official website:

Select main menu to Load.

Below find the options of downloads for other operating systems. Select the download section for Linux, in it select the deb from the drop-down list, and then click Upload. In the download directory appears in the distribution archive:

Important: shell only installs a 64-bit OS. Run the installation file, click Install and wait until the end of the process.

After installing the client launches the shell, you just log in to this service. On the screenshot you can see that authorization is also possible by linking the desktop client to mobile.

2. Package snap

In versions of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and older utility snap installed automatically. Therefore, it is sufficient in the terminal enter the command:

sudo install snap shell

After the installation open the program and enter the account information.

How to remove the shell?

If you installed the application using deb files, to run uninstall the application enter the command in the terminal:

remove the shell sudo apt-0.0.10

If the downloaded package is called differently, replace “discord-0.0.10” we need a name.

If the installation is done using the utility snap, need in terminal enter the command with the name of the snap package:

sudo remove snap shell


Install the shell in Ubuntu is completed. This, in our opinion, sufficient quality equivalent to similar messengers. In the presence of a user-friendly interface, the speed of the program even in the face of congestion of the Internet and PC, as well as high quality sound, noise reduction technology.

Cross — platform- another huge plus Discord. On any device you can call to catit, make video calls, including the devices managed by OS Linux. The channel system will allow you to find your club of interest or create your own. Have fun chatting with Discord!


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