Install mc on CentOS 8

GNU Midnight Commander, or mc is a very popular file Manager for working with files in the server console without a graphical interface. It is distributed under an open license and is a clone of Norton Commander. Here you can perform all basic file operations like copy, move, in addition, rename support working with files and scripts. The program’s interface is divided into two panels, making it as Far Manager.

At mc, too, there are a lot of shortcuts that will make working in the terminal is fast, but they need to get used to. In this article we’ll talk about how to install mc on CentOS 8.

Install mc on CentOS 8

The program is in the official CentOS repositories, so installing it is no problem will not cause:

dnf install mc

In older versions you can install midnight commander centos using yum package Manager:

yum install mc

You can run the program just by typing in the terminal:


To turn black-and-white interface, use the-b option:


To disable mouse support, the option -d:


To edit a file in mc, it is necessary to use the option -e:


To uninstall the program the same way you installed it:

dnf remove mc


In this article, we briefly discussed how to install CentOS mc 8 or older versions. This tutorial should work for Fedora and Red Hat too.


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