Install lolcat in Unix/Linux

Recently, I found a utility called lolcat. Now tell what is it for Tulsa and how to install it on Unix/Linux OS.

Lolcat is a utility which displays the commands which are painted in rainbow color.

Install lolcat MacOS

For starters, you need to install the Homebrew utility and then installed lolcat:

$ brew install git lolcat

Here’s a simple installation on the Makos. The use of this utility is below.

Install lolcat in Unix/Linux

To use lolcat-a in Linux or Unix-like OS, you should install to start ruby + git.

Debian-napodobii OS, you can run:

# apt-get install -y ruby git

In RPM-like OS:

# yum install -y ruby git

Or using dnf:

# dnf install-y ruby git

Clone the repo:

# git clone [email protected]:busyloop/lolcat.git

Or, you can do wget/curl, for example:

# wget && unzip

Go to the folder and run the build:

# lolcat cd/bin && gem install lolcat

Or if you downloaded via wget:

# cd lolcat-master/bin && gem install lolcat

The use of this utility will be lower.

The use of lolcat in Unix/Linux

Version lolcat you can check:

# lolcat --lolcat version 100.0.0 (c)2011 [email protected]

For assistance, you can use:

$ lolcat -h

The output will be:

This utility can be used with various commands, for example:

$ ps | lolcat

To display the date you can use:

$ date | lolcat

When using the calculator:

$ cal | lolcat

The example of ping:

$ ping -c10 | lolcat

Just display the text, you can:

$ echo "I like" | lolcat -a-d 500

For entertainment you can use the utility, but to bring her favor — no, do not see profit.

That’s all, “Install lolcat in Unix/Linux” is completed.


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