Install Brackets in Ubuntu

Brackets – IDE for web programmers, developed based on Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Adobe.

Brackets is distributed as open source software under the MIT license. It’s a new environment that pleases their interesting features:

  • The LiveView mode – view the effect of code changes on the move: you change code and immediately see result in browser.
  • The syntax highlighting.
  • Interesting code completion.
  • Inline-edit – this function allows you to simultaneously edit multiple files in one window, without switching between them.
  • Search in the documentation.
  • A huge number of plugins.

Install Brackets in Ubuntu is easy. First go to the official website of the project and download the installer in the deb format:

Then locate the downloaded file in the file Manager and open it in the application Manager:

Left click to Set, enter the password and wait until installation is complete. That’s all Brackets installed, the program icon can be found in the main menu.

In addition, to install this environment you can use the package Manager to snap:

snap install --classic brackets

To use or not to use it – that is your choice, but try this medium should every web developer.


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