In Ubuntu 20.04 will support fractional scaling

The possibility of including fractional scaling in Ubuntu is already there and it is no longer a hidden optionthat can be used by only those who have need terminal commands.

In Ubuntu 20.04 there is a switch to turn on fractional scaling in Settings > Screen Display. There are values of scaling in the range from 100% to 200% (Yes, including 125% the sweet spot):

In Ubuntu 20.04 support fractional scaling is not automatic (i.e. the system does not determine itself the correct setting for you). Also it is NOT enabled by default. If you want to use it, you need to explicitly enable it.

Although the distribution facilitates the inclusion of the fractional scaling, this feature is still considered experimental. There are even warning that the use of “may increase power consumption, reduce the speed or decrease the sharpness of the display”.

But for those who use high-resolution displays (in particular, 2K and 4K), additional values will be more useful than the standard 100% or 200% scaling options.

On my device with the interface GNOME Shell, the GTK applications and other programs more suited 125% zoom:

However, fractional scaling DID use more resources on my laptop than the standard 100% setting.

I don’t know how to check the load, so I just opened the application Manager and waited until he calmed down. Then I switched between multiple Windows and opened a few menus, everything is done at 100%. After that, I did the same on 125%.

Although not huge, but the fractional scaling of the CPU usage across all cores was increased for the same basic tasks.

However, this configuration is necessary, experimental or not, but we need it now.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is supported until 2025. It would be absurd if, in 2025, the OS did not support fractional scaling – hell, even today, in 2020, slightly odd that this is somehow “new.”

I hope that Ubuntu and its huge community of developers of open source working to improve support fractional scaling and changes (especially from the performance point of view) will appear in 20.04 LTS in the future.


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