In the new Beta version of SuperTuxKart demonstrates a powerful graphics processor

The new beta release free racing game Tux Kart
came just in time for the weekend.

SuperTuxKart 0.8.2 (Beta) is the first stable release since last November. And during the year there was a big change!

In this beta release contains many significant changes that include a brand new graphics processor and slightly altered tracks.
Of course, in the game you can find bugs, but they are not significant to deny myself the pleasure to try out the toy.

There are bugs, but minor

Improved alignment

The developers claim that “many trails have been much improved visuals.” It’s easy to spot on two tracks: “Palm Church” (old name “the Jungle”),
whose plant world now looks rich and lush, and “Gran Paradiso Island” (old name “the Island”), whose shoreline is now to be admired.

Online accounts

One of the most anticipated features in SuperTuxKart is online play. In this release, it hasn’t been implemented yet, but online accounts, this is a positive dynamics in the direction of multiplayer.
When it is configured, you can earn achievements, stay connected with friends and much more.

Engine Antarctica

The new engine “Antarctica” shows a perfect shadow, texture and depth rezkozti, as well the improved detail in comparison with the previous version. In part, this is due
use OpenGL 3.1. The current stable version uses the legacy OpenGL 1 too.

Usually, a great leap in the field of visualization equal to the same leap in the amount of performance needed for rendering images. English,
that Intel HD 3000 GPU is the weakest supported graphics processor, and the game will run better with the installation of specialized drivers.

If your computer is not pulling the game on full settings, you can always reduce graphics settings to decrease or disable weather effects.

Changes worthy of attention

  • Graficheskii processor “Antactica”, with dynamic shadows, depth resconi etc.
  • New render engine Shader
  • OpenGL 3.1
  • Two redesigned, renamed tracks
  • Support for Online accounts
  • The new physics of the karts
  • New game mode


Not forgetting that this is a beta release, SuperTuxKart 0.8.2 is possible
to install using the instructions on the official website of the project.

Windows binary files for Windows and Mac OS X is also available for download.


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