In Goat Simulator there is a new secret level

In the game Goat Simulator (“Simulator goat”) there was a secret level involving cows. This fact can be explained only by the passion of several employees of the developer for the game Diablo 2.

Goat needs to go to the Church where shatter the altar. After this, the animal must come through the tunnel into special demonic portal. What happens at this level, and would probably not like the Holy Inquisition. Good story drove road “fighters for faith”, and computer games developers.

But back to Goat Simulator. The new secret level, the goat will have to deal with cows that walk upright, like people. In addition, artiodactyls bring no benefits (do not give milk), but rather the damage – trying to get goat laser. And it should be noted that they shoot quite accurately. It should be noted that secret mission for the goat appeared after the patch that turned Goat Simulator into an MMO.

Goat Simulator is a kind of parody game about skateboarding, Coffee Stain Studios released on April 1 this year. In the month of June, there were versions of games for the operating systems Mac OS and Linux, and since September to enjoy running “obezbashennym” goats can the owners of gadgets on Android and iOS. The developers promise to release “Goat Simulator” game consoles Xbox One.

The game is very simple, yet funny: driving a goat, you must cause the greatest possible harm to the surrounding world. The idea of the game’s release was born during the work on Sanctum 2. The developers have made a fun prototype of a “Simulator” and published it on YouTube. The people met the idea of the game’s release with great appreciation that prompted team members to further the development of Goat Simulator. June 3 in the “goat Simulator” there was a multiplayer mode.

It should be noted that “goat Simulator” has received quite mixed reviews: some people praise this game and others criticize it. April 1, “Gambling” has produced a comic review of “Simulator” and awarded the game to 10.5 points.

The game is available via the service Steam.


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