Impressive — multi – Python (PyGame / PIL / Pillow) / OpenGL (GLUT) application for viewing PDF presentations.

Impressive very easy to use, run presentations made from the command line with the specified parameters. The presentation opens in polnoekrannom or windowed mode with specified resolution (optional).

Smooth alpha-blended slide transitions between slides, use some effects “eye candy“that make the presentation running in Impressive more beautiful and better perceived by the audience.

Outdoor slide in a few times to zoom in, highlight parts of the slide (blocks text selection) and apply it to a specific point of the slide effect “Spotlight(used to attract attention), supports hyperlinks in PDF flag.

Impressive allows you to display all the slides on one screen, as thumbnails on the screen size, the presentation can be run automatically, changing slides at a specified interval.

Impressive fully supports LaTeXBamer presentation, but does not require special presentation file, you can simply specify a directory with PDFfiles, images (python-pillow) or video files (displayed using FFmpeg or Mplayer) and they will be displayed in the presentation.

Impressive comes with documentation made in the form of presentations, the functionality of the application based on the capabilities of MuPDF (package of console utilities for working with PDF and XPS files), can be used optionally Ghostscript (PostScript-to-PDF Converter).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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