I have no tomatoes: destroy tomatoes

Do you know how to actually take the ketchup, or are you sure he is growing right in the garden? We’ll tell you now. In regions with warm climate, sufficient rainfall and fertile soils grow tomatoes – culture, which can perhaps be called the most shy in the world.

Good farmers carefully monitor each, even the smallest tomato, protect it from diseases and pests. Boys, barefoot gatherers of the harvest, held in the vast tomato plantations with wicker baskets and collect the tomatoes. And all in order to digitize them and upload to mad on the dynamics of the game, “I have no tomatoes”.

I have no tomatoes – this is a very exciting arcade game with funny characters tomatoes. The name of the game is clear to anyone who was taught in school the English language: “I have no tomatoes”.

Gameplay “I have no tomatoes” is more reminiscent of the game series Bomber Man that was popular thirty years ago. In this game you control one tomato and have to destroy as many vegetables, located on level.

The game has a square Board (three-dimensional mazes, as in the Japanese game of Pac-Man), which runs not only your tomatoes, but other. Crossed with other tomatoes, you have to place bombs and collect bonuses.

Gaming product based on both legends, by definition, will not go to the recycle bin. A big plus of Tomatoes — colorful graphics and nice sound, the gradual increase in difficulty.

Control of the game “I have no tomatoes” it’s that simple: move with the arrows, press the spacebar to place a bomb using the right “Alt” to collect bonuses. It should be noted that in this game, a Mod-player that allows to change the background music to any other.

“I have no tomatoes” is an excellent “time killer”. The main thing – not to get too carried away and take breaks for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Installation of I have no tomatoes in Ubuntu

The game is present in the standard Ubuntu repositories. To install you need to look in the app center the name of the game I have no tomatoes or enter in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install tomatoes

Windows users can download the game from official website http://tomatoes.sourceforge.net/


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