How to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04

Recently released a new version of Ubuntu with long term support Ubuntu 20.04. According to information on the official website it will receive security updates until 2025. In the new version we already accustomed to get the upgrade software stack, the new version of Gnome and appearance.

Learn more about what’s new in Ubuntu 20.04 you can see in a separate article. And today we will talk about how to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04. It is noteworthy that you do not need to install intermediate version or 19.04 19.10. If you used 18.04 LTS release, you can upgrade directly from it. The upgrade procedure is a little different from previous years.

  • Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04
    • Step 1. The distribution upgrade
    • Step 2. Settings
    • Step 3. Run the update Manager
    • Step 4. Release notes
    • Step 5. Confirmation of the update
    • Step 6. The layout options
    • Step 7. Cleanup of unnecessary packages
    • Step 8. Reboot
    • Step 9. Entrance
    • Step 10. Ready
  • Update Ubuntu Server to 20.04
  • Insights

Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04

Step 1. The distribution upgrade

The first thing you need to upgrade your current version of the software to the latest version from the repositories. It is necessary that the update utility worked in as close conditions to those in which it was created, and you received no errors or problems. This can be done through terminal:

sudo apt update

sudo apt full-upgrade

Or through the GUI. To do this, open the utility system Update from the main menu:

The utility will find the update and offer to install them. You just have to accept and wait for setup to complete:

Now you can upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 20.04.

Step 2. Settings

To upgrade to the LTS, it is necessary to configure the update sources. To do this, open the utility Program and updates:

Here navigate to the Updates of Notify me of a new Ubuntu version , select With the availability of the first long term support:

Step 3. Run the update Manager

Start the update Manager by running the command update-manager in terminal:

update-manager -c-d

Utility will report that it detected a new release of Ubuntu 20.04. To start the upgrade process, click Upgrade.

Step 4. Release notes

Read the release notes and click Update to begin:

Step 5. Confirmation of the update

Wait for the download of the installer, and then confirm upgrading the system with a button to Update. After this there’s no going back.

Step 6. The layout options

During the upgrade process, the utility prompts you to select key to switch the keyboard layout:

Step 7. Cleanup of unnecessary packages

The system then prompts you to clean all the unwanted packages that are left over from old installation:

Step 8. Reboot

After the process is complete restart the computer by clicking Restart now:

Step 9. Entrance

After reboot you will be greeted by the new system. Log in to it using your username and password:

Step 10. Ready

Update Ubuntu 18.04 20.04 to complete and you can see the version of Ubuntu in the system settings:

Update Ubuntu Server to 20.04

The upgrade procedure for Ubuntu Server in General, a similar version for the desktop. Only difference is that you will have to run all commands manually and work through the terminal. First update your system to the latest version:

sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

After the updates are installed, restart the system so that they began to act. Then open the file /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and make sure that the value of the configuration parameter Prompt is equal to lts:

sudo vi /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades

Prompt = lts

Then run the update utility:

sudo do-release-upgrade-d

It will replace the repositories, downloads and installs a new release of Ubuntu on your server. During the installation it will be necessary to confirm the update and confirm cleanup of unnecessary packages. At the end of the update, you will need to restart the server.

After reboot you can see the version of the distribution using the command:

cat /etc/lsb-release


In this article, we discussed how upgrade ubuntu to 19.10 20.04 20.04 18.04 or to a regular computer or server. As you can see, nothing complicated, but before you upgrade make a backup copy of important data. Whatever it was, but the system installed it again, always works more stable than updated, and the chances that something will go wrong, much less.


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