How to set Zoom on Ubuntu

Video conferencing has long ceased to be something new for computer users. Now any of them will be able to organize a video conference, which for the discussion of some topics can connect other participants.

Many programs offer similar services, one of the most popular is Zoom. In this article we will talk about how to set Zoom on Ubuntu 20.04

Here are the main features of the Zoom:

  • A convenient interface. Even poorly trained user will be able to understand the interface, there are language localization, help system.
  • A large number of participants. By purchasing a paid subscription, the organizer can hold the conference with the participation of more than 50 people.
  • Good performance. Zoom works pretty fast even on slower devices, including smartphones (clients for smartphones are available).
  • The ability to connect to the chat via browsers. To connect do not need to install client, simply open the organizer sent a link in the browser.
  • The presence of multiple functions for holding conferences. There is a huge set of tools for high-quality professional conferences — beginning with a demonstration of the screen and ending simultaneously display images from two cameras.
  • Security. Zoom provided the required level of security. All critical processes require authorization. The data is encrypted.
  • Cross-platform. Zoom offers clients for all operating systems, including mobile, as well as plugins for browsers and Skype.
  • Setting Zoom in Ubuntu
  • How to create and configure the conference?
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Setting Zoom in Ubuntu

To install the program using a utility snap or from the official repositories does not work. Move the browser to the official site of Zoom:

Further down to the bottom of the main page and click the hyperlink to Download:

A window will appear with the selection parameters of the distribution. In the dropdown list, Type Linux, choose Ubuntu. Next, select the bitness of the client from the drop-down list of operating systems Architecture. Version, of course, select the last (default) from the drop-down list Version. Make your choice and click the button to Download.

Open the downloaded archive installer in the application Manager and click Install.

After installing the client launches. You can log in to your account (we recommend you pre-register on the website) or join a conference by ID, sent its organizer through other channels (e.g., mail).

You might be interested in the answer to the question how to Russify Zoom Ubuntu. By default, the program will be in English. To enable the Russian language click on your profile icon in the top left corner, open the menu Help -> Switch Languages, and then select the desired language, e.g. Russian. After that, the program will restart and will be in Russian.

In order to remove Zoom you need in the terminal, run the command:

sudo apt remove zoom

How to create and configure the conference?

The creation of the conference consists of several stages:

  • ID generation;
  • adding a password;
  • configuring conference settings.

Run Zoom, autoresume. In the main window click on the arrow next to the New conference. In the appeared menu select the item with the ID of your session, and then click Configure:

In the preferences window you can change the conference ID (max ten digits) and set the password. However, to sign in with a free account you can only change the password, the ID will be determined automatically.

Then go to the Advanced options.

In this section there are several useful organiser functions:

  • To enable earlier entrance of the organizer. If the organizer does not need to monitor the connection to the conference to enable this function.
  • Mute participants. It is better to include as many users connecting, do not have time to turn off the microphone, create unnecessary noise disturbance, thereby interfering with the participant that may have already started his speech.
  • Automatically recording a conference on the local computer. This option in real life is used almost always. It is useful to have the conference materials for different purposes.

Basic setup done. Send ID and password to the participants. You can also send the link through which users can view the conference using the client or browser.

Please note that also available in some settings and in the account settings on the Zoom Zoom website. However, the organization of conferences is simple enough and shown here are the basic settings.


In this article, we discussed how to install Zoom on Ubuntu 20.04. Video communications technology is evolving continuously, becoming commonplace not only for business but also for ordinary users. Zoom is a bright example of quality for video conferencing. Spend broadcast, chats and conferences just communicate with friends and family with the help of Zoom!


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