How to change the cursor of the terminal in Elementary OS

Once installed on your car Elementary OS some users may be confused by the block cursor of the terminal. Personally, I wasn’t ready for it. In the settings everything is quite poorly, because the operating system is stick to minimalism, and on the Internet resources to be quiet, and only occasionally emerge the same themes in ubuntu.

Spending in this case much time, I finally found the easiest way to solve this little problem.

How to change the cursor in the terminal Elementary OS

So here’s our plan of action:

Install dconf editor

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Open the GUI version of the editor. Agree that everything we do is at your own risk. Go along the path io -> elementary –> terminal -> setting:

In the field of cursor-shape set a value of the i-beam, click on the checkmark at the bottom and restart the terminal:

Get pleasure from the done work:


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