Holotz”s Castle

Holotz”s Castle is exciting and challenging, while simple C (si) / SDL arcade platformer.

Holotz”s Castle has a simple two-dimensional graphics with little number of parts and blended colour effects. The player needs to focus on the character facing the goal, despite the simplicity of the gameplay requires skill and tactics for each level.

Many sinister secrets hiding behind the walls of a mysterious and magical castle Holotzusing “Mysterious stone” to find oneself there game characters Ivanona (Ybelle) and Lugaru (Ludar) now you need wandering through the castle to collect all magical items in each room to go to another… Only after passing through all the rooms they will be able to find the one where the exit from the castle.

Some levels of the game are quite simple, they can without much difficulty to move around, jump on platforms, climb ladders and collecting keys to go to the post transfer (blue) to move to the next room. Along the way, the character will encounter the game creatures, fighting them is impossible, all you need to avoid them, or at least jump on top of them.

Regardless of the existing level of obstacles and enemies, you must collect all the keys available in the level to open the exit, and the need to keep within a specified time. The time for completion, number of enemies and keys in each level vary, with each level the game difficulty increases. There are four levels of difficulty: the game (training), low, medium and high (most complex).

Holotz”s Castle can run in windowed and fullscreen mode, windowed mode has seventeen presets window size (from 320×240 up to 1280×720), including several exotic, you can specify your own window size. The parameters can be set in the interface of the game and/or from the command line and in configuration file (~/.holotz-castle/preferences.txt), statistics, a detailed “Guide” and “reference” to the game.

Holotz”s Castle comes with an easy to use visual “Editor card(holotz-castle-editor) and a few practical instructions that will help you to create your own levels of any complexity and to add them to the game.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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