Hegemon — modular Rust command-line utility to clear the load control system, modular system monitor (modular system monitor).

Hegemon displays in the form of visual diagrams using the CPU, RAM and swap space (swap), network utilization, data from the temperature sensors and the speed of rotation. CPU usage is displayed for each engine a separate graph and graph of the “average” load. The charts are updated in real-time, interval of updates adjustable (within broad limits).

Hegemon allows any chart (few or all) to disclose to view a more detailed graph and additional information. Status monitoring of hardware sensors (temperature sensors) is carried out using lm_sensors (hardware monitoring Linux), used to control keyboard shortcuts (in the future we plan to add mouse support).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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