Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is a game which can be attributed to classic “visual novels”, with the only amendment that the school has not people, and reasonable doves. The developers are called Hatoful Boyfriend is a Dating SIM with pigeons.

Looking at the screenshot, you probably think the whole game will be megalomanical filled with “heart desire” and “pink snot”? Don’t rush to conclusions, and learn the backstory of Hatoful Boyfriend.

In 2068 on the Earth entered a deadly virus that started to kill billions of people. Towns and villages were simply covered with corpses, and there was no one to remove them. The main carriers of the modified bird flu turned out to be pigeons. People tried to stop the spread of the plague by injecting pigeons special serum. However, the vaccine gave an unexpected effect: the pigeons have become intelligent beings and began to fight with the mankind! People, already weakened by the virus, lost and moved into the wild planet dongle, tundra, forest…

But back to the game. The main character is a little girl who goes to “pigeon Academy.” Educational institution is a place where gifted pigeons learn science, art and sport. The task of the heroine to meet one of them and simultaneously to investigate the murder of their parents.

Best friend girls dove Rieta Kawara, very responsible and kind. Besides, class will and other people: bullies, bullies and jerks. And all will have to find its own approach.

Much in Hatoful Boyfriend tires rotated upside the head: in the game there is no concept of “born”, but there is the concept of “hatch”, and their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, here’s customary to offer candies, and beans.

The game has 14 different endings, and which you were coming, depends on every word or deed. Hatoful Boyfriend, of course, has old-fashioned format: all the time have to remain, in which case you could go back and replay. The visualization here is very little, but a lot of text.

Will you get to the end of the game? Who knows…One thing we know for sure – you will be able to show it to his friends and to become famous as the outrageous humorist or socially dangerous freak. It all depends on the reaction of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Install Steam to play this game.


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