Hack’n’slash — hacking simulator game

Surely there are few games which even a non-programmer person can touch of this great science and art at the same time. One such game is a Hack’n’slash developer which is the company Double Fine.

The gameplay is Hack’n’slash

The game is Hack ‘ n ‘ Slash is a puzzle action game, telling about adventures of the girl, Alice, who decided to fight the injustice of the surrounding world using their hacking skills. Installing Hack’n’slash to your computer, be ready that you have to literally play against the existing rules: to force global variables to change the behavior of enemies and the properties of objects. For this Alice has the appropriate weapon: “USB sword”, magical artifacts and other equipment. It should be noted that the manipulations that you will have to make in this game are not purely virtual: the developers actually provided access to the source code through a special debug interface.

Elf Alice is constantly improving your skills as a hacker, trying to find new ways of tackling the task change the surrounding space. Despite the fact that feel like a programmer and a hacker will be able to everyone in the game has a responsibility for every action. So, as a result of your laziness or carelessness, the game accumulates a lot of errors that causes the final destruction of the virtual world. To fix this, you will have to go back in time.

The history of the game Hack’n’slash

The idea of the game Hack’n’slash was born during a traditional game jam, Amnesia Fortnight. To Finance the full project was expanded to include companies such as Humble Bundle, Indie Fund and Hemisphere Games. In development also participated Rob Reid, Morgan Webb and Adam Saltzman.

Together with Hack ‘ n ‘ Slash Double Fine has released an update of another project, the space strategy Spacebase DF-9. Online games everyone can examine the list of changes, and on the YouTube to watch the official trailer.

The game is available on Steam at a price of no more than 300 rubles. ( with discounts cheaper!). How to put Steam and run the game read here.


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