GRUB-Emu: emulator loader systems in GNU/Linux

If you have a computer system two or more operating systems, and you, for example, using grub customizer edit the grub boot loader (that is to say, remove unnecessary parameters) — then have to reboot PC to see changes. Agree, it is inconvenient to restart in order to observe changes, a very long and tedious. Would be able to see your loader without rebooting? You will help grub-emu!

“GRUB-Emu”, so-called emulator loader will enable you to look at your “GRUB” real-time. This utility is available in repositories of most popular distributions of GNU/Linux and install it as your system with your graphical package Manager or through command line.

In Debian GNU/Linux to install grub-emu, you need to perform:

sudo apt install grub-emu

Please note! Apparently, grub-emu default is a utility for Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and their forks. The work package on Arch-like distributions, as well as on the systems from the family of Fedora Linux and Red Hat, not guaranteed. — approx. ed.

To run the utility with the command:


Next, place the following: open the emulator and gives the error prompt you to press any key. The fact that he is trying to boot the system; don’t need to do anything — just wait a few seconds until you see the normal window boot menu.

Actually, that’s the error

After a few seconds, your bootloader is here!

To exit the program you must close the terminal window in which it is running. Standard abbreviations like “Crtl + C” and/or “Ctrl + D” have no effect: for confidence it is better to use the mouse and close the terminal, confirming the closure and the program grub-emu.

The positive side of grub-emu:
• Convenient checking of GRUB without restarting the computer.

The negative side of the grub-emu:
• The appearance of the initial bugs makes a double impression.

Author: Max
Image: from public sources, screenshots of the author

P. S. of Course, this is not all features of the program grub-emu! Read the resource “Compizmania,” which tells about some of the other features of this wonderful utility!


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