GreenWithEnvy (GWE) — a utility for overclocking and speed control of rotation of fans, information video cards from NVIDIA.


  • Display basic information about the card (model, driver version, memory usage, temperature, timings and so on).
  • Profiles for overclocking.
  • Profiles to control the rotation of the fan.
  • Change the restrictions on food.
  • The graphs of changes in the basic characteristics.

InstallationInstallation in Fedora

dnf install gwe

Installation via Flatpak


flatpak install flathub com.leinardi.gwe


flatpak run com.leinardi.gwe


Source code: Open Source (pending)

Programming languages: Python

License: GNU GPL

One of the main programs that I missed in the Axes on the Linux kernel, there was a program to control the fan speed of the graphics card. This program was GreenWithEnvy. The program is suitable only for graphics cards from NVIDIA. Allows you to adjust the rotation of the fan and to overclock the graphics card.

The main window contains the Info box, stating basic information about the graphics card. By pressing the Historical Data window opens with charts. Field Power allows you to raise the power limits. Below, in the box Overclock, to overclock the video card.
At the top there is a button in the program settings. All in English, but intuitive.
Installation: the utility is in the repositories of Linux distributions, but is supported and flatpak version. Installation is described on the website of the developer
Website (free download):GreenWithEnvy on NetworksLog in to commentI like Likes: +2войдите to likingthe Screenshots of the program

  • GreenWithEnvy: Main window programmesthat provided by the user.

  • GreenWithEnvy: Profile speed ventilationsanl provided by the user.


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