Great Little Radio Player

Great Little Radio Player — free Internet radio player. Contains many preset radio stations available to listen to via the Internet.

The user can add new streaming radio station.

Has a modern interface, supports various themes.

The interface is very simple and should not cause any difficulties. On the left displays categories of radio stations. You can make a selection by genres, countries, or display a list of favorite stations. To the right is the stations themselves in the form of badges and labels with the name of the radio. When clicking on the icon starts the playback of the radio station.

You can add your radio, for this you need only know the correct URL.

Great Little Radio Player makes it very easy to change the theme. Open the settings program to do this, click on the gear icon. In the settings window go to the tab Appearance and select theme (cover). To match the theme to your liking is not difficult, because they are over 30. Many themes support transparency. If you want to change the size of the program window, you can do this by holding down the right mouse button in the lower right angle of the window.

In the settings you can also enable Visualization during playback.

The program adds its icon to the notification area (to tray). The interface is translated into several languages, including Russian. The interface language can be changed at any time via Settings.

Installing programs in Linux

Go to the download page of the program. There you can download prepared packages for various distributions, including DEB packages for Ubuntu (32 or 64 bit version). If you downloaded the DEB package, double click on it. Open the Ubuntu software Center. Click Install. You will then be able to run the program through the Launcher.

I have in Ubuntu when listening to some radio stations automatically opens the window to install additional codecs (gstreamer, etc.).

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  • Program Great Little Radio Player (version: 1.4.7)

  • Cream theme (version: 1.4.7)

  • Visualization during playback (version: 1.4.7)


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