Gnome Disk Utility

Gnome Disk Utility (Gnome Disks) is a simple tool for disk management with basic functionality.

The program allows you to view information about disks and removable media. For each available drive model information of the drive, drive status, serial number, information about partitions, sizes of partitions, type of partition table and other data.

Gnome Disk Utility supports formatting disks, partition management, imaging and restoring partitions from the image. There is also a tool to assess disk performance.

The program interface is quite simple and concise. The left column displays the list of carriers on the right displays information about the selected media. Using the menu you can perform actions on disks.

The program is part of the GNOME desktop and is a preinstalled program for disk management in many distributions.

From the command line, Gnome Disk Utility runs the command gnome-disks.

For more advanced disk management I recommend to use GParted.

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Install Gnome Disk Utility on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install gnome-disk-utilityscreenshots of the program

  • The main window of Gnome Disk Utility (version:

  • Tests and data SMART (version:


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