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Glyphr Studio Desktop — full-featured Electron (JavaScript / Node.js) graphical font editor, authors an online editor, font Glyphr Studio.

Font (computer) file containing a description of a set of alphabetic, numeric, utility and pseudographic characters. Used to display these characters (text)of the operating system and applications. Computer fonts are divided according to the method of rendering to raster and vector.

Creating a quality font is very laborious and time-consuming procedure, requiring in addition the presence of special skills and a lot of patience, a corresponding application with a corresponding set of tools and functionality.

Glyphr Studio Desktop has a similar online editor, feature set and user interface that simplifies the design process for the development of fonts.

Editor – Glyphr Studio offers many tools to help you easily and quickly edit finished OTF, TTF and SVG fonts and create new fonts.

Glyphr Studio has a fairly advanced tools, there are standard vector tools (pen and pointer), supported by the repetition of curves in different signs, work with ligatures, kerning and so on…

Of editing tools in Glyphr Studio has a function of copying and pasting, rotating, and mirroring (vertical and horizontal), drag and drop and scaling, installation of road with curves Bezier m more.

Glyphr Studio allows real-time preview is created or an editable font, you can completely change or correct the metadata of the font file.

Glyphr Studio supports two-player split-screen mode, an unfinished project can be saved in Glyphr Studio Project (file format *.txt), management is focused on the use of the mouse.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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