glogg — a specialized C++ / QT (formerly GTK) graphical application (GUI) for viewing very large text files or complex system log (complex log files).

glogg is mainly focused on the use of programmers and system administrators, regularly viewing the logs of databases or web servers. The application can be seen as a graphical, interactive combination of console utilities grep (search for data in text files of any type) and less (a console utility for viewing text files).

Originally glogg is designed as a convenient tool to help detect the problem in a long and complicated system log files. The application also will be useful if you just want to view the contents of a large text file and no need for editing. File of any size opens very quickly, there are no restrictions on file size.

glogg has fast and accurate search engine that allows you to use regular expressions to locate events in the system logs. The results of the current search are displayed in the lower part of the window, providing a clear view of the matches even in very large files. You can create filters, search results are highlighted, showing where in the magazine are the rows and allowing you to quickly navigate to them.

glogg is fast with large files as it reads them directly from disk without loading into memory. There is a function of the change tracking log in “real time“, on separate lines, you can set markers, supports grep/egrep like regular expressions and vim/less like keyboard shortcuts to navigate the file.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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