Getting Things Gnome

Getting Things Gnome (GTG) — program organizer to keep track of things (tasks). Allows you to create to-do lists, place them in a tree structure (subtasks).

You can set the time when to execute the task. Each task can be assigned tags, and the tags to specify different colors, which increases visibility.

The program’s interface is very simple, and most importantly a clear and uncluttered. The program window consists of 3 main parts. To the left is a list of tags to retrieve tasks belonging to specific tags. To the right is the task list, and under it the list of already completed tasks.

Getting Things Gnome supports plugins (modules). For example, there is a plugin for integration with software Evolution or Tomboy.

The program is fully translated into Russian language.

InstallationInstallation in Ubuntu (LinuxMint)

sudo apt install gtg

Website (free download):Getting Things GnomeLogin to commentI like Likes: +1войдите to likingthe Screenshots of the program

  • The main window of the program (version: 0.2.4)

  • Edit the tasks (subtasks) (version: 0.2.4)


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