Game Unreal Tournament 4 will be completely free

Representatives of the company EpicGames, developer of a series of games UnrealTournament told the General public about the future of his “offspring”. The new version of the game will be completely free, and its further development, modification will take into account the opinion of all players. Every action or decision before its implementation in reality will be discussed by players in the regular broadcasts and on the forums.

As the engine UnrealEngine 4 will be used, as well as all the updates to it. As the game itself and all associated content is scheduled to lay out in free access. Enjoy UnrealTournament will be users of operating systems Linux, Windows Masi.

The development of software code and design EpicGamesпланируют news “from scratch”, so when you see the finished prototype of the game, is not known. Representatives of the company stressed that the new game will be just free, not built on the already available free version of the game.

Marketing the main task of the developers was the creation of a large platform, where a wide range of specialists (programmers, designers, gamers) would be able to create and then sell modification.

UnrealTournament is a first– person shooter (with the exception of some versions of the game). The product is a logical continuation of a series Unreal, which began in 1998. The basis of his brainchild, the developer took the idea of multiplayer battles. As noted by the players themselves on the numerous forums and blogs, an imperfect multiplayer Unrealудалось to bring to perfection.

From a marketing point of view the game was positioned as the main competitor Quake 3 Aepiot company idSoftware. Quake3 has become popular, however, UnrealTournament little what’s behind it: the users have appreciated the benefits of the game (graphics, exciting dynamic plot, a large number of different modes, a good “artificial intelligence”).

Difficulty levels can be changed from Noviceдо Godlike. Each of the game’s bots can be programmed to prescribe the appearance and the name, tactics and preferences in weaponry.

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