Game Firewatch

Each person in the childhood had a dream – “who I wanna be when I grow up”. In the distant Soviet past, almost all wanted to be astronauts and doctors, in the 90-ies – missiles. And only a few boys and girls said that when they become adults, they will cherish and protect nature. One of these professions – the work of a Forester and is told in the game “Firewatch”.

Developer “Firewatch” is a professional Studio “Campo Santo Productions”. The team became famous earlier another masterpiece – “the Walking Dead”, the rights to which are owned by the company “Telltale Games”. However, something they didn’t like, programmers and designers have gone from “Telltale Games”, establishing “Campo Studio”.

The player in the “Firewatch” will play the role of a professional Forester Henry, exploring the deep woods of Wyoming. The game takes place in the distant 1989. For better visibility Henry will use the rig. The next tower took Delilah, boss Henry. According to the developers, Delilah will also play a key role in the “Firewatch”.

Like a good blockbuster, “Firewatch” permeates several storylines. The first storyline is the relationship between Henry and his boss. According to the developer, this is the story of men and women who by fate found themselves isolated from the rest of the world. The second storyline is the mystery of the forest. Henry often visited by thoughts that he accidentally was in this forest that the forest is hiding something. But what? To solve this the player will have.

Huge plus “Firewatch” – nonlinear plot. So, different players have completely different prerequisites can lead to the same situation. The perception of the game will be different: someone would think that Delilah is angry, and someone- on the contrary, flirting.

Many players will appreciate the camera movement in the game and animation of the main character. Thus, in the “Firewatch” the player can see their arms and legs and your torso. The task of the developers of “Campo Studio” was in the fact that you believe that you control in the game a living person.

It is expected that “Firewatch” will be released in 2015. Up to this point is just to enjoy the posted photos and video of the game on the website


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