fzf (FuzzyFinder)

fzf — console Go (Golang) utility to implement a fuzzy search without indexing.

Fuzzy search (FuzzyFinder) is a method of finding information which is matching information in a given sample search or close to the sample value. Most often the algorithms of fuzzy search are used when spelling, and also in most search engines.

Fuzzy search is a popular and extremely useful, but its effective implementation is much more complicated than the exact-match search. Console utility fzf is an interactive filter that you can use anywhere to search for files, the command history, searching and end the running processes of host names, commits, and much more…

fzf fast and versatile tool with a large set of functions to implement a fuzzy search, a simple and advanced mode the advanced search that supports exact-match search, insensitive or case-sensitive match, sorting by the specified parameters result and much more…

fzf is more advanced analogue console utility find (search for files by name and other properties)can be used in conjunction and as a standalone application and as a plugin for console text editors (Vim / Neovim) and file managers (ranger , etc).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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