Frozen-Bubble Puzzle Bubble analog

Frozen-Bubble — arcade-puzzle game in the style of Puzzle Bubble or the popular game from Popcap called Dynomite! A mixture of Billiards and Tetris.

Frozen Bubble

In the game before you a field with the figure exhibited colored balls. You need to be on the field, not a single ball. The balls disappear if they connect 3 or more. When the balls you need to run along a certain trajectory in Billiards. The game is complicated by the fact that the playing field gradually goes down and you are left with less space to fire balls.

Frozen Bubble is a single game

In the game you can play as one and together, competing who will last longer in a continuous stream of the playing field. You can play on one keyboard, or online, and even via the Internet. The game also has a built-in level editor and you can add your puzzles.

Frozen Bubble game.

Installing games in Ubuntu is through the app Center, enter the search string frozen-bubble. Either type in the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install frozen-bubble



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