FromScratch is a simple JavaScript / GTK GUI application for creating memos (notes) and to-do lists, a notebook with support for AutoSave.

FromScratch has a simplified interface, providing the user with space to completely concentrate on writing text, excluding from sight all distractions from the creative process the elements.

FromScratch runs in compact mode, there is a light and dark theme, the text is automatically saved and there is no need to save manually (although there is such a function), the text is saved in a single file (~/.fromscratch/content.txt).

FromScratch supports automatic indentation, folding, moving to the desired row, move row up and down. For tracking to-do lists (TODO) use the check boxes, the General syntax is replaced by symbols (such as arrows).

FromScratch can run in windowed and full screen mode, you can change the font size (increase/decrease/reset), supports text search, management focused on the use of the keyboard.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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