FreeOrion is a space strategy

To become a space tourist in reality you can, but it will cost insanely much. But even after paying the money, you will only see the Ground and not fly to distant planets of the Solar system. We suggest you to take a virtual tour of the observable Universe using a computer game in the genre turn-based strategy FreeOrion. The developer of this game is “national”, independent community. FreeOrion is absolutely free, and every user has the right to copy or modify any part of the game application.

FreeOrion Gameplay

FreeOrion gameplay is simple. Before the player appears only four tasks. The first task is managing the economy of their “subjects.” The second task is to colonize Space. Discover new planets to place their mines on mining, and other enterprises. The third task of playing is to explore new technologies and their application in practice. For example, more powerful weapons will allow more effective to destroy the enemy, and more powerful engines, faster to reach distant worlds. Task number four is to fight with other civilizations. Along with people in Space is no less “enterprising” of civilization, who are not averse to capture a couple of “extra” planets or star systems. Ideally, you must control all planets where there is intelligent life.

The game consists of a sequence of moves of different players. This is done in turn.

Control of the game

The main controls in the game include such structural elements:

card Galaxy;




-design ships.

The Galaxy map is the main playing field in FreeOrion. This field contains not only the stars but also the route of each fleet as well as other information.

SitRep is a situation report containing information about events that are associated with the calculation of the new speed.

Control the production contains a range of objects and tasks to produce them.

Control “research” includes the currently available technology, as well as tasks related to the further research.

Finally, using the “spaceship design” you can modify existing ships, using newly discovered technology.

To Install FreeOrion

To install the game you need to download the installation package for your operating system on the official website of the game Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux. Available for Linux deb package that will perfectly fit Ubuntu. Download and install the deb package in a regular way. (Instructions for installing the deb package).


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