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Beginners and experienced players sometimes want to break away from big-budget projects and play a simple game. As a rule, the creators of these gaming products – not the Studio, and enthusiasts-singles. So, today let’s talk about Monkey Fortunetell, Drift Stage, Roundabout, Party Hard, and I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted.

Monkey Fortunetell: a predictor of fate

In the new year 2015 many would be interested in knowing your destiny. It is possible to go to the fortune teller and you can easily do: play the game Monkey Fortunetell. Of course, spirituality is a complex science, and to tell you they are in this article makes no sense. Prediction of fate in Monkey Fortunetell is quite simple: you need to shake the keg and shake on the field with the mysterious symbols of a few monkeys!

Drift Stage: retro racing

What Russian does not love fast driving? Drift Stage is a game “retro racing” with the soundtrack taken from the ‘ 80s, as well as a stylized “antique” design.

Roundabout: race in the clumsy limousine

If the race in Drift Stage you like that the game Roundabout will like it more – because here it is necessary not just to drive fast and manage a large and clumsy limo and then tries to twist the top. This whole mass casualties are guaranteed, from poles and fences, and ending with pedestrians. Despite the fact that on Steam appeared demo version only games, Roundabout “delay” you for a long time – there’s a lot of missions, and also in the commercials for the game starred amazing actors.

Party Hard: kill the party

Party Hard – this is a very interesting arcade game in which small children and people with unhealthy mentality is better not to play. The fact that Party Hard you will control a violent maniac, whose main purpose is to get to the party and to get there all guests. To hide the murderer it is not necessary – maniac gives the impression of a decent member of society. Importantly, when the police find the body, you were nowhere near the scene of the crime: you’ll land in jail is a loser, who first discovered the corpse, but you will continue his “dirty work”.

I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted

This game is both terrible and very funny: you go to the old mansion to prove to his friend that there is no witchcraft there. However, in practice it turns out that I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted – it was one long witchcraft: why would you not touched in the house, then something terrible happens and you die. The goal of the game – after a series of tragic deaths still to find a subject that can be taken away with impunity.


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