Free economic strategy Settlers Online

Economic strategy The Settlers when it captured the hearts of players worldwide with its unique gameplay. Many years later, the company Ubisoft has launched a free (freemium) online browser based version of the game.

If you are too lazy to read a long review you can directly to register and to start learning the game yourself.

Of course the new browser setleri different from the second favorite titlerow that we so nostalgically loved. However, the game still stands out among the many browser-based freemium games.

In the game excellent graphics. Felt thorough approach of developers from Ubisoft. Settlers Online does not give the impression of consumer goods. Coupled with nice sound effects and slow gameplay-the game is addictive and relaxing. In the game developed economic and technological model. Resources in game though take away: various types of wood, granite, marble, coal, iron, copper, gold, water, food, people, horses, animals, etc.. In the process of technology development there will be new resources that need to be obtained from extracted etc.

The player has the scale of the experience and development of the settlement, implementation of the various quests you will develop and discover new opportunities and structure. Structure you can also develop improve their performance or capacity. It should also be noted the additional adventures that you can take to get unique artifacts, experience, or resources. Adventure can be found with the help of researchers all over the crystals — the in-game currency purchased with real money.

In the game you can play with friends, you can interact, share resources, information, etc. And lastly a little bit about freemium. A few weeks of playing I have never had to resort to buying crystals. Most of the quests and adventures you can perform a little undermining of basic resources.

So if you’re a fan of leisurely real-time strategy in the style of the eponymous Settlers the Settlers Online you will like it! In order to play, simply go to the banner and register.

Since the game is made using Flash it is best for the game to use the proprietary Google Chrome browser.


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