Flows and numerary in “Planescape: Torment”

Basic concepts in “Torment: Tides of Numenera” are “flow” and “numerary”. Threads are the basis of the game, the system of philosophy of its characters. We are not talking about moral categories such as “poor” and “good” threads are a legacy that man leaves behind. The main driving force of flow are human action. In total there are 5 threads: blue, red, Indigo, gold, silver.

The blue thread refers to the people who spend their lives in search of new knowledge: it is the philosophers, mystics, scientists. Stream red means passion, emotion, action and zeal. It is typical for people “living one day” trying “to take everything from life”. Such people are natural Hedonists, dictators, fanatics, revolutionaries and artists. Stream Indigo characteristic of the people of the law: it is the guards, the rulers, the legislators. To the gold thread are the people, living for the benefit of others: philanthropists, saints, and even bandits, above all, appreciating the interests of the criminal community. Silver stream is driven by those people who want to leave their mark in history.

Numenemy is the historical artifacts that have survived since the times of ancient civilizations. Numerary can bring great benefits, and extraordinary harm.

There are three kinds numenor: “artifacts”, “ciphers” and “curiosities”. Artifacts are the most important ones. Each artifact has a scope and a price. The cipher is a “one-off”, the less valuable and effective than the artifacts, objects. It should be noted that the character cannot be in possession of a very large number of ciphers, otherwise it does not pass the “side effects”. The third type Numerov are curios. This is an interesting item that does not have any specific application. However, this does not mean that the “wonders” are not useful in the game.

Numerary can be sorted by another attribute – origin. Is extracted, combined, collected and created anew items. The extracted objects are the ones that you found and identified. Merged objects are obtained by combining a certain number numerow for getting a qualitatively new things. Numerary collected is combined and then recycled items. The most rare are numerary created from scratch.

Numerary is not a “thing in itself”, they can be extremely useful after the unification with other subjects. For example, in the game you can strengthen on the armor of the “teleport crystal”. The enemy hits the armor, but instead of hurting you, is teleported some distance himself.

The items in the game have this interesting property, as a “whim”. For example, if the teleport crystal will be attached to the belt, which reduces the gravitational force, then your opponent can teleport twice as far. However, the whim is not always as useful as you would think, property. It can absolutely be confusing not only your friends but also enemy. In order to reduce or neutralize “capricious” properties of objects, the player must have the appropriate skills.



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