First look: Ubuntu 19.10 will be a bright new appearance (updated)

Potentially conflicting changes appear at the end of the development cycle.

When in the middle of next month will release a Ubuntu 19.10 it will look a little different.

At the moment this decision reversed and a new light theme will be just another option at 19.10, and not the default theme.

De facto, the Ubuntu development team, consisting of the enthusiast community who Yaru GTK theme, gave the green light to invert the color of the title bar light themes Yaru.

This means that the Windows, which now look like this:

Yaru submitted GTK in Ubuntu 18.10

Will look like this:

Yaru GTK at 19.10

I think that this is very similar to Adwita, the original theme GNOME GTK? So it seems because, in some way, the theme of the Yar is the subject of Advaita, just doping. The dark header bar and positive color accents were used to add the basics Adwaita “flavor” of Ubuntu, but no more.

The design team recognizes that the decision “…to rely on the appearance of the title […] forced to abandon many features of the previous design yaru/ubuntu”, but adds that it also increases the level of usability of the theme.

In fact, inversion of the entire thread is the result of solving problems with contrast buttons to the title bar of dark Windows, often found in bug reports.

Along with the new “full” light subject Yaru – which has always been a bright subject with a dark stripe on the header is fine really dark theme Yaru:

Full dark theme Yaru also included in the distribution

Overall, this is a pretty significant change that will occur so late in the design cycle. And this change may lead to the loud dissatisfaction of the users (in the end it’s their Desk!) but feel free to Express their creativity and demonstrate a fresh look, as if people did not react, the charges will appear on this website.

Historically, Ubuntu uses the dark “Windows” in one form or another as long as everyone else. Their appearance was fixed with the introduction of the Ambiance GTK theme in 2010, which became part of the updates of all brand Ubuntu.

For me brown (okay, Yaru – more black than brown, but indulge me) and other indescribable elements, individuality Ubuntu (and return the drum sound at login, while you’re at it).

Borrowing a lighter, gray and cold species is probably the best solution to integrate the wishes of the wider community (remember, the theme in GNOME – this is a hack) and to improve the overall usability – but at what cost?

As far as I understand, the plan is to re-introduce “mixed” Yaru GTK theme with dark title bars, i.e., the Yar is included in the release 19.04, at the time of release Ubuntu 20.04 LTS next year.


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