Fighting pirates in the game The Talos Principle

For anybody not a secret that distributors and users of pirated products, to put it mildly does not promote the growth of income of the creators of computer games. The original method of struggle with “piracy”, as a phenomenon, came up with the creators of The Talos Principle. Protection is that the user that installed on your computer pirated version will not be able to get out of the Elevator in the passing game.

Aware of this reported on the Steam users themselves. Gamers have speculated that it is about the technical omission of developers. However, the representative of the Studio Croteam announced that it was thus decided to punish the distributors and users of illegal software. It should be noted that earlier, a similar defense was used in shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE: in unlicensed copies of games all the time appears immortal red Scorpion and kills the main game character.

Such “small tricks” and used by other game developers, as it showed greater efficacy compared with conventional “digital locks”. So, in pirated Far Cry 4 will change the field of view, and to counterfeit the Sims 4 image gradually deteriorates.

The game “the Talos Principle” is a sci-Fi puzzle game with philosophical overtones. The main playable character in the game is a robot, exploring the ancient ruins remaining from magazinelikely who once lived on the planet.

At the moment the game is available for three platforms – Windows, Mac OS and Linux. In the beginning of this year should also appear in versions for Android and PlayStation 4. The game can be purchased and installed through the service digital distribution of games Steam.


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