Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy — multiplayer Python / SDL two-dimensional platformer, the dwarves fighting for food.

Feeding Frenzy supports a multiplayer mode for two to eight players can play on the same computer or local network. When playing on LAN one instance of the game runs as a server to synchronize players and levels, while others operate as clients.

Gameplay Feeding Frenzy is to control the gnome collecting food scattered on the platforms and transfer it to your house (made in the form of mushrooms). If a leprechaun doesn’t visit your house too long and don’t bring food, you starve to death.

Collected dwarf food (bananas, berries, etc.) can be used as a weapon to knock them into other dwarves. In contact with the dwarf for some time lost consciousness, taken away from the downed dwarf’s food has more nutritional value (adds more power).

Feeding Frenzy has low system requirements, can run in window and full screen mode is supported by music and sound. There are four levels with gnomes and one with sheep, the levels are simple XML-files (you can edit and/or create your own), controlled with the keyboard (configurable).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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