Fedora 30 will support Deepin DE and Pantheon Desktop

The current beta version of the 30-th issue of the Fedora boasts the ability to install Deepin Desktop Environment and Pantheon Desktop as desktop environments.

It is reported resource “Fedora Magazine”.

“Fedora 30 Beta in part of the graphical environment provides two new options. DeepinDE and join the Pantheon Desktop GNOME, KDE Plasma, Xfce as options, allowing users to configure Fedora to your taste”.

“Fedora Magazine”.

Among other prominent changes, it should be noted that metazania with dnf-the Fedora repositories now compressed format zchunk (as a Supplement to already existing gzip and xz). The developers emphasize that zchunk is a new high-performance compression format that enables during the upgrade packages to the repository with not a complete new version of it, but only the part that was changed.

In addition, Fedora 30, the default will be used GNOME 3.32. The list of improvements in this version, the graphical environment, you can see here (in English).

Fedora build 30 Beta is already available for download from the official project website.

Based on: Fedora Magazine
Image: from open sources

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