FAR (Find And Replace)

FAR (Find And Replace) — graphic Java (Java Swing) application for operations search and replace in content of one or several text files.

Although most modern text editors support “Search“, “Search and replace” on the text of the document, including some that support regular expressions, but FAR provides missing functionality even in expandable text professors, but is required for collective processing of files.

Find And Replace (FAR) is a GREP-like (GREP like) app, and is designed to work with a large number of files scattered around the directory tree. Search of files is carried out recursively, in a user specified directory, optionally scans the hidden files and directories.

For convenience, the user can specify patterns and search strings, including a few lines is not required to make any obscure constructs (such as “$r?(?s:). There is a possibility to filter the results by time of creation and/or last modified, for each retrieved document, you can view the details.

FAR is designed to work with a group of files, you can use a normal replacement “word by word(word by word), or use a full regular expression. Supports simultaneous replace text in multiple files, a preview function, if necessary, each document can be edited individually.

FAR supports mass-renaming files, for greater security comes with support for automatic backup (if you do not cancel this feature specifically), documents can have any encoding. To control uses the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts, has a detailed built-in documentation (in English).

FAR is a specialized application, the need for it arises very rarely and not all users. Author Oliver Wehner (Olivier Wehner) wrote the application because of the need to change the layout of the website with hundreds of HTMLpages. Further development of the project largely depends on user feedback and, where necessary, the author of the project.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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