Fantasy game Wakfu: the struggle for life in a post-apocalyptic Earth

Multiplayer role-playing game in the fantasy genre Wakfu is an organic extension of another product called Dofus. The game story takes place after 1000 years after the events described in “Dofus”. The developer of the game “Wakfu” is the company Ankama Studio.

So, a little background. The whole world lies in ruins, destroyed it almost completely. And left all, as the saying goes, “fool”. There once was a guy named Ogre, and he has managed to fall in love “head over heels” in a very capricious lady. The girl ordered the guy to get the six dragon eggs. This, at first glance, a strange request was made, but the happiness of a pair brought. It turns out that cunning and crafty young lady did not need was a hero-the Ogre lover – she used it and “threw”. Beside himself with anger, the Ogre kills his girlfriend. And here is the beginning of all trouble: finally “rally from the coils”, the Ogre begins to “wet” all fall to him under the hand of people. Of course, that a higher power did not want to endure all this mess, and decided to intervene. However, their intervention they not only brought peace to Earth, but much aggravated the situation. Across the Land comes the Apocalypse.

It is from this point begins the part in the gameplay of the player. First you need to choose which faction to fight this can be, for example, Amakna, Bonta or Brakmar. After choosing your faction starts a long and winding road, full of battles and fights. A little variety to the PVE component of the game, thanks to which you will be able to freely travel within the game space by performing certain tasks. At the moment Wakfu servers can “fit” for 25 000 players.

We argue that the Wakfu game you never get bored: there are 14 characters, a variety of accessories and things. So each subsequent game will not be like the previous one!

Each faction has its own territory, at the same time trying to oust other parties from their lands. Bloody battles with their opponents will certainly raise your level of adrenaline and will give you unforgettable pleasure.

A greater variety the game brings pet system, which helps the player to quickly go through all the quests. For Pets should be cared for, to develop and upgrade them.

Installing Wakfu on Ubuntu

Game is installed via Ubuntu software Center. For this search, you must type the name of the game “Wakfu”. Users of other operating systems can enjoy the game receiving client on the official website of the game:


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