Fantastic games for Linux and where they live

Summary: have you recently learned that Mars has life under Linux has games, but do not know where to download them? We have compiled a list of the best resources from where you can download free games for Linux, and purchase games premium.

Linux and games? Once upon a time it was hard to imagine these two words together. But time goes and things change. Now available for Linux, thousands of games and still a great number of games being developed as large companies and independent developers.

In this article we will tell you where you can find games for Linux and follow the updates of the games that you like.

Where to download games on Linux?

First of all open the software center of your distribution (of course, if any he has). Already there you will surely find a lot of games.

But that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just software center. Below are listed several sites where you can download games for Linux.

1. Steam

If you are an experienced player, then with certainty I heard about Steam. Yes, if you don’t already know, Steam is available for Linux. For work Steam itself recommends to use Ubuntu, but it will work on all other common distributions. If you do not imagine my life without Steam, you should know that there is even a special operating system to run the games Steam SteamOS.

Steam offers most games under Linux. By the time of this writing, there were exactly 3487 and this number is impressive. Here you will be able to find games of different genres. In accordance with the policy of protection against piracy almost all the games on Steam are protected by a particular DRM technology[1].

To use Steam you will need to either download the Steam client for your distribution or use SteamOS. One of the advantages of Steam is that after the initial setup, for most games you do not need to care about the dependencies and to perform complex installation steps. The Steam client will undertake all the hard work.

Go to the Steam Store website

2. GOG

If you are only interested in games that do not have DRM-protection, the GOG will be able to offer you their great collection. Currently the library has 1978 GOG DRM-free games.

Officially the games in the GOG library are supported LTS versions of Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Thus all users of Ubuntu and its derivatives don’t have any problems when installing them. Installing games from the GOG library in other distributions might require additional steps, for example, install the necessary dependencies.

To download games from GOG requires the use of additional customers. All purchased games will be available in the personal section of your account. You can directly download them using favourite download Manager.

Go to the GOG website Store

3. The Humble Store

Web site Humble Store is another place where you’ll find a variety of games for Linux. In Humble Store has both free and DRM-protected games. Games with DRM protection, as a rule, taken from Steam. Currently in the Humble Store library 1826 presents games for Linux.

But Humble Store is famous for another reason. Under the auspices of this project, a campaign called the Humble Indie Bundle, namely that for a limited time you can purchase sets of games with an unbelievable discount. Another distinctive feature is that every 10% of the income received from purchases are spent on charity.

To download the games from the Humble do not need to install any clients .

4. — the outdoor store for independent creators of digital content with a focus on video games. On presents some of the most interesting and unique games you can find. Most of the games available on the do not have DRM protection.

Right now on 9514 games available for the Linux platform. has a native client for easy download, install, update and run games.

Go to the Store


LGDB is the abbreviation for Linux Game Database (Database of games for Linux). It’s not technically a game store on the website offers a large collection of games for Linux and contains various information about them. In the description for each game are links, clicking on which you will be able to get the game.

At the moment the database contains information about 2046 games. In addition to games, the website presents an impressive list of emulators, utilities, and game engines.

Go to the website LGDB

6. Game Jolt

The Game Jolt store an impressive collection, consisting of about 5000 indie games for Linux.

Game Jolt has a client (available in beta) for simple downloading, installing and running games.

Go in Game Jolt Store

Other sources

On the Internet there are many other stores that sell games for Linux. There are also many places where you can find free games. Here are some of them:

Bundle Stars: Bundle Stars is now available for 814 games for Linux and 31 of the slot Assembly.

GamersGate: GamersGate has a collection of 595 games for Linux. The store presented as games with DRM protection or without.

App stores, centers software.

Linux distributions have their own application stores or repositories. Maybe not in such quantities as in the above resources, but you will also find a variety of games.

That’s it for today. Did you know that Linux is actually available this amount of games? Do you use other websites to download games under Linux? Share with us the most favorite of them!

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